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Our Story

Rinorganics has always been something I’ve wanted to build, something that I have dreamt of since I was a young girl. The primary factors that contributed to the establishment of Rinorganics was my grandfather’s saffron farm. I remember walking through the farm as a little girl and smelling the magical saffron and feeling its power. All the natural herbs and spices that my mother would use in the Persian kitchen. All the natural Persian beauty ingredients , such as rosewater, Sidr powder, Lavender, Valeria roots, fresh Chamomile and much more. All these experiences inspired me to create a raw, plant based beauty brand.



From the creation of design to the formulation of final product, everything is manufactured with love and dedication at Rinorganics. We make sure that our products surge the harmony between your body and soul. The naturalness of our products is sure to nourish the spirits.  We know how harm mass production can be and drives us to always produce the items in small batches to minimise the waste. Not only that, we also implement the eco-friendly practices and combine the ancient traditions with modern science!